1- insight to bhava swabhava nityatva of ayurveda in vikara prashamanam


1- insight to bhava swabhava nityatva of ayurveda in vikara prashamanam

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Vibuddha: Essay Competition - Winning Article (1st Prize)
Dr. V. D. Arundhati Rajesh Mukhedkar (Jannagar)


The Nature and individual is a perfect replica of each other. But,there are differences and similarities amongst individuals,like in Prakruti,Bala,etc.;as well as in Nature.eg.Jangala-Anupa Desha,etc. Ayurveda has carried out indepth study of the similarities and differences found in Nature and individuals. Moreover,it has been passed on to humanity through a lineage. So,it forms the perfect peer-reviewed research design.Ayurveda is based on the foundation of the basic perpetual principles. It remains significant as there are newer diseases rampant with the newer period of time. Though with the new diseases,the view of Ayurveda is same;as it believes the disease to be caused by a specific type of Hetu,leading to SthanaSamshraya;and its result is disease. Ayurveda is not behind naming the diseases; but roots for finding the main cause,its way of occurrence and treats in its own way. The treatment policies also follow a certain protocol;which are based on diagnosis of Dosha,Dushya,SthanaSanshraya, Sama/Nirama;Shakhastha/Koshthastha,etc. Moreover,the main tool of treatment-the medicine doesn’t change its Swabhava. It may be more or less potent; but will never change its properties. Sanskara has been studied by Ayurveda;which changes the properties and can be used even today. Plus,Dosha are permanently going to be three. Ruksha will always increase Vata; and will always treat Kapha. But,the same Raukshya will trouble old age people more than youngsters;due to predominance of age. Such indepth study of surroundings and individuals make it true forever. Thus,actually time is changing;the conditions are varying;but the main fundamentals;the foundation is and will always be the same. The expansion of these ideas to find its applicability lies with the physician.


Charak says-‘Sa Ayam Ayurveda Shashwato Nirdishyate’,1i.e.Ayurveda is the eternal science.But,looking at the speediest timeline of the Nature,today’s era- keeps on changing every moment. Change is the only constant. Then how and why should we expect Ayurveda to be Nitya,i.e.constant and not dynamic?Even Darwin says-‘Survival of the fittest’;so adaptations are necessary alongwith the changing time to survive. Then,without adaptations;how can Ayurveda survive itself and claim its own objective of keeping people healthy?
The answer lies in the question itself-Ayurveda believes in the ‘Samanya Vishesha Siddhanta’,the similars add up;and the opposites reduce the effect. Thus,the answer to the constant changing lifestyle,climate and increasing diseases can have solutions from none other than its opposite; i.e.the forever stabile-Ayurveda.


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