About Us

Punarvaas innovations is a private limited company owned by a consortium of Ayurveda doctors aimed at promoting authentic Ayurveda to global level with wider acceptance . The consortium also looks forward in identifying the hurdles faced by Ayurveda fraternity and tackling them with combined effort. On Unavailability of fast and effective medicines, Lack of study reports, Absence of unadulterated classical medicine, Ineffective marketing system etc. are the areas we shall concentrate more. Single man effort will not be enough to validate the age old science; so our consortium would be a stable platform through which we can explore our science and validate evidence based medical practice. The company is structured by issuing shares to its members, which make each member a responsible owner / care taker. For operational part company has constituted a Director Board headed by:

Dr.Alias Jacob BAMS.MD (CEO)

Dr. Mathew Sunny BAMS , MS

Dr. Edwin Kuriakose BAMS.MD (Director - Research & Development)

Mr. Madhu K K (Director - Marketing & Business Development)


  • The idea of this forum is to bring the most effective drugs under one umbrella and to distribute throughout. Forum shall be your own with minimal investment where you can market your own combination with royalty and further benefits as per the company norms. Effective combinations will be approved for marketing after a pilot study to prove the desired efficacy.
  • Company offer a percentage of the yearly profit based on one’s purchase. Debentures are converted into equity shares in a span of five years.
  • Our consortium will be a forum for marketing one’s own products and at the same time getting a chance to prescribe other core products of other members belonging to our own fraternity thereby ensuring the right of association and companionship.
  • In a nut shell our consortium would be a game changer against the current unethical practices within the segment and thus help ayurvedic practitioners to bring up their clinical expertise for long term career prospects and help the entire Ayurveda segment to bring back its lost glory.
  • We are focused on validating the treatment protocols on evidence based data recording.
  • Conducting clinical studies by keeping the international protocols, like Toxicity study and validation of drugs by conducting all the three phase study.
  • Standardizing the raw materials, promoting cultivation of raw drugs, keeping the availability of the raw drugs and thereby maintaining the quality of medicine which we manufacture.


Plan is stretched for 5 years, the steps are as given below.

  • Building up the consortium throughout INDIA.
  • Logistic movement of available products to all members on their demand.
  • Upgrading our product strength by adding new combinations procured by giving royalty within our members or from other sources if any.
  • Ensure more blog writings, pertaining to treatment protocol for all our consortium members and encourage them.
  • Structuring the second pace of movement by building a membership drive. The membership shall be given as per the recommendation of our consortium members.
  • To bring up a strong marketing team who shall be meeting and briefing to the entire fraternity on a regular basis.
  • Starting with clinical documentation of treatment protocols. And initiating the cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Starting up medical tourism for international patients.
  • New drug development under the guideline of WHO