Based in “God’s Own Country”, the State of Kerala in Southern India, Punarvaas Innovations Pvt. Ltd is a consortium of Ayurvedic professionals, researchers and manufacturing professionals. The company aims at bringing Ayurveda into the front line of health care systems around the world with the backing of evidence-based methodology.

Our research, development and Manufacturing facilities are WHO and US FDA certified.

Our mission is to make the ancient science of Ayurveda relevant to the modern age.

We work with doctors, health care professionals, distributors and retailers and use modern statistical techniques to support our mission.

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(The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (Gov. of India), under 'Healthcare & Life Sciences' Industry Sector)

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Medical Tourism

People from many advanced countries, see a benefit in traveling to developing third world countries, like INDIA, while combining medical treatments with inexpensive vacation. At this time, India does figure in the top 10 international tourist destinations. “KERALA” the southernmost state of INDIA has a large pool of doctors, nurses & paramedics with required specialization and expertise and the language advantage (Multi- language speaking skills). The medical education system caters to the ever increasing demand for the delivery of the quality health care services all over the world. Promoted for its cultural and scenic beauty, KERALA is now being put up on international map as “Gods own country “Kerala and Ayurveda have virtually become synonymous with each other.Good facilities are available in Ayurveda form of medicine as in modern medical treatment.The bias towards health tourism in Kerala is so strong that Ayurveda Centers have been established at multiple locations in various metro cities, thus highlighting the advantages of Ayurveda in health management.

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